Tuesday, 13 March 2018

What do I do?

I am Gregory Liénard and a good 18 years ago I started @iPower to help companies increase their online revenue.

Ever since the first search engines started to appear, I have been fascinated by the underlying algorithms that decide the ranking of websites in keyword-based searches.
There are two key elements that decide the ranking:
  1. Contents: if a keyword is not featured on a webpage, it is near impossible to land a top ranking position.
  2. The value of a website: this value is determined by reference links from other websites. The more relevant and important those other websites are, the higher the value allotted to your website.
To help companies improve the ranking of their website in Google, we have developed two services SEO Page Optimizer and Keyboost, which can both be tested free of charge. SEO Page Optimizer helps you to optimise the contents of your website. You enter a page and a keyword that you want to optimise, SEO Page Optimizer then informs you of the amount of words to be used in each section of the page, as well as how frequently to use the keyword and synonyms of that keyword. Then it is up to you to modify the text so it corresponds as much as possible with Google’s standards.

If the contents of a webpage sufficiently meets Google’s standards, it will usually land a positon in the top 30 for that particular keyword. Of course a positon on the third page of Google’s search results is not really helpful. In order to get from the third to the first page of the search results, the value of your website as perceived by Google, needs to be increased. That is why we developed Keyboost. We place as many related links as possible on websites which are highly valued by Google. That way the value of your website increases in the eyes of Google and you jump over your competitors in the search results.

You can try Keyboost for free for one keyword per website. Thanks to the free trial, in average your page will go from the third to the first page. If you are already ranked on the second page, you will reach the top 5. If you are ranked on the first page, in average you will reach the top 3.

Do you have a particular keyword for which you want to achieve a top ranking position in Google? Apply now for your free Keyboost trial! The trial lasts about one month and you receive progress reports on a weekly basis. See for yourself what we can do for you


  1. iPower is super, het is echt waar als ik kijk naar de position ranking dan zie ik dat wij dubbel zoveel scoren als onze grote jongens de groothandels. Die steken € tien duizend en meer in SEO en staan op 16,6% terwijl wij dankzij iPower op 66,67% staan.

  2. thanks for the help


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